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Beverley Mitchell, Actress
I have been using your LashFood and love it. I was wondering if I can get some for my mom and grandma. My grandma is a cancer survivor and lost all her eyelashes and I was telling her all about your product and how it is safe and natural. Please let me know how I can order it. Thank you very much again. I love LashFood.

Tava Smiley, Actress
I tried your eyeliner and mascara this morning and they are AWESOME. Seriously, nice work. Thank you

Peggy Webber, Age 58, Florida
If anyone has any doubts about trying the LashFood conditioners: they work with great results. I am 58 yrs old and my lashes look visibly longer. I was at a very well known cosmetic store and one of the sales associates asked me if I was wearing false lashes or had lash extensions. This was a great compliment. You have a great product and you have found a long time consumer in me.

Lora Allan Las Vegas, NV

I hate to use mascara frequently, for amongst other reasons; removing it inevitably weakens and breaks off lashes, so I usually avoid mascara. I decided to give LashFood a try and in just under a month I've noticed two great benefits: its main purpose, which has lengthened the look of my lashes and my lashes actually feel moisturized and soothed especially at the root. I particularly loved how I did not experience any side effects or skin irritations. Now, I simply curl my lashes. Unless it's for a special occasion, I don't feel the need for mascara. Simply amazing. Thank you.


I use LashFood and I love it! It gave me the thick, longer looking lashes that I had when I was a teenager!

Pearl C, Online Product Reviewer

I have to mention that I'm a total cynic and don't expect a lot of these products to work. I tried the product on both my lashes and brows, and to cut to the chase, IT WORKED! I only used the product day and night for 2 weeks, but my lashes definitely look longer and a bit thicker! It was super easy to use, and I'd highly recommend this product for people who want fast results. I also tend to have extremely sensitive and dry eyes, and Lash Food didn't bother my eyes in the least. Perfect for us ladies born with wimpy lashes!

Michelle, Los Angeles

I've been using LashFood for about 2 months now and I love it! My eyelashes were thin and brittle due to my love of fat mascara lashes and Lashfood made them lush and longer looking again! I will def buy again!

Casey Aubut, Online Product Reviewer

I have always had long eyelashes, but since using this product, they are thicker, and darker looking also. I have naturally light eyelashes being a natural redhead, and mascara is my savior! But lately, they are naturally darker, and look super long. I am not exaggerating, when I say that I actually cut my eyelashes the other day. So I know this product works! Another unexpected bonus- I have the thinnest eyebrows in the world. I went for the Pamela Andeson ultra thin look in High school- and they never grew back. I draw them in daily- and even have had them tattooed on earlier this year! (But it faded to almost nothing!) I have been using Lashfood on my eyebrows also I am soooo excited about this! Another amazing fact about this product is that 1 tube (applied 2x daily) will last between 3-5 months!! Completely justifies the price for me!

WW, New York

I have been using this product twice a day for the first three months and now am continuing with once a day til? I actually took pictures and my boyfriend (who has really long and thick eyelashes-not fair!) noticed. I was surprised that my lashes look longer and darker. The tube also lasts a really long time. Definitely worth the money. It lasted me around 3 months for one bottle! I would have given this 5 stars, because my lashes did look longer, but I wanted them to also be thicker for the full 5! Maybe if I continue they will be!...Let you know

Acelynn Smith Beverly Hills, CA

LashFood has made my lashes look so much thicker and longer! I can't believe that it has been less than two months and I am already seeing results! I have sensitive eyes so I am mostly pleased that LashFood is so gentle! It leaves me with no redness or stinging - only the longer lashes I have been dreaming of!

Jackie McDouglas Tampa, FL

I can't deny the amazing effects that LashFood has had on me. My lashes are longer and fuller looking. I saw results within the first month of using the product. I would definitely recommend LashFood to every one.

Michael Hill, Boston

I am a 30 year old guy and my eyelashes are not as great as they used to I wanted to try Lashfood Eyelash Serum, I had researched all the other brands and reviews and I went with Lashfood! as it seemed the best product.. I put it on nightly with no real irritations and waited, patiently....To my shock it WORKED! Around 4-5 weeks I noticed that my lashes are curling up! Its amazing! I can see how it would be better for females as mascara helps you out.. but for me, the natural lashes are fine to have! I have to keep correcting people who think this product is for Females! Eyelashes are HUMAN, they protect your eyes from dust and dirt falling in.. all I am doing is adding DOUBLE PROTECTION! :):) I am a school teacher and I tell all the ladies and friends about it..

Della Bradley Los Angeles, CA

At first I thought I was crazy, but I saw results in 2 days, I thought it was wishful thinking, but then 2 weeks past, and I knew I didn't have to be jealous anymore now that I have long, shiny lashes, with a beautiful curl too! No stinging, no burning, no fear.

Tiffany Miller Cerritos, CA

Thank you LashFood, I love my lashes.