Learn ow these powerful plants from around the world can transform your lashes and brows. Over 80% of the world's population use plants as their primary medicine. We research all over the world for the most potent plants that have the effects that we're looking for on the skin. We source the highest quality therapeutic plants, 100% natural essential oils and certified organic ingredients.

Sustained Beauty, Singular Standards To ensure responsible harvesting practices and reforestation projects, we’ve implemented several key initiatives to help minimize our carbon footprint and promote environmental awareness:

  • Packaging components are constructed with Eco-Cert® -compliant, recyclable materials
  • Marketing materials are printed on vegetable-based and soy-based inks.
  • Recyclable, water-based coating on paper sourced from sustainably managed forests
  • Ingredients are sustainably cultivated and assessed for its environmental impact towards biodegradability.
  • Our corporate headquarters and manufacturing plant have been officially set up to successfully comply with the guidelines of Environmental Management Program.